Thursday, May 12, 2005

And One Last Thing....

I've noticed that several conservatives have taken to prefacing any comment on the Levada buzz by saying "IT'S A RUMOR" over and over again, as if by putting their fingers in their ears and humming "Pange Lingua" ceaselessly, they will be able to brainwash Papa Benedetto away from a move that they're fearing for no other reason than that Levada is not conservative enough for their taste -- he only rates a 95% on their scorecard. Boo hoo hoo. And they say they're not political....

Conservatism and orthodoxy are two very different things -- the former is a secular political ideology, the latter a doctrinal necessity. The two are not interchangeable, and are most certainly not wedded by any stretch of the imagination.

Along those lines, why are some among us keeping scores on bishops, again? If you love the pope as you say you do, love his bishops -- he picked them. Accepting this tenet is orthodoxy, ignoring it when you don't agree with it is conservatism.

Regardless, the apocalyptic apoplexy -- which I love watching, however heterodox it is -- will not be aided by the following....

Earlier this week, on Monday to be precise, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone -- former #2 to Ratzi at CDF, now archbishop of Genoa, Italian soccer commentator and Master of the Bonfire of the Vanities (aka The DaVinci Code) -- made it known that: 1. he knew the identity of the new prefect of CDF, 2. it wasn't him and, 3. the announcement was "imminent."

Now, just as 2 + 2 = 4, if all this Levada focus were misplaced, would it not be reasonable to expect that he would issue a similar statement saying "I have not been offered the prefecture of the Congregation. Thanks for the attention. I pray for whomever is chosen"?

As opposed to his spokesman's post-election statement that Bill "does not have his bags packed," they're not saying a word now, when a simple comment that's more than just "rumors, rumors" -- i.e. "rumors not true, rumors not true" -- could kill the buzz if necessary. "Rumors" is just an ecclesiastical synonym for "it hasn't been announced yet." Remember Ed Egan's appointment to New York five years ago yesterday? We did this dance for the whole week before!

The truth is already with us. And loud voices aiming to shoot it down or drown it out serve not the interests of orthodoxy, but those of dissent.

Cons, the cafeteria is closed. Get on the bus!



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