Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So I was browsing some yesterday, and on Drudge there was a photo of Britney Spears next to Kim-Jong Il.... And I couldn't tell them apart.

That's such an insult -- to Kim-Jong Il.

It seems that Mrs. Federline -- whose husband would, in these (allegedly) Instruction-friendly days, apparently make a wonderful candidate for seminary formation -- was at the top of the infamous Mr Blackwell's "Worst-Dressed" List of 2005.

Tell me you're surprised.

I'm wondering why the camauro queens haven't caught onto this, separating the fabulous from the pigshit. They do it all the time, so why not compile it all into one big list?

Think about it, "orthodox" darlings: You'd get some wonderful publicity out of it.

Of course, given my sensibilities, I am not worthy that the execution of such a concept should enter under my roof. But it's just a thought for those who can.