Monday, July 22, 2019

Wheel(ing) In Motion

(Updated with developments.)

So, after an epic week out West, this scribe was looking to come home and finally ease into something of a summer – a gift which eluded us last year....

Alas, three days after a historic set of sanctions on a US prelate, not so much:

Ergo, here comes another long night in the shop... and lest anyone forgot, as the work has its bills – even before the overtime of this latest curveball – as ever, Whispers can only keep coming your way thanks to your support:

Once things fully calm down, the donors are owed a good, long behind the scenes briefing. For now, all thanks – and, welp, here we go again.

See you early.

SVILUPPO: And just as quickly as it began, there goes the night.
Summarizing the broad shock among Whispers ops over the reported Wheeling pick, one ranking cleric – who's long known the choice as "a very shy, pastoral, quiet, holy priest" – sent this scribe three letters on seeing the news....


Asked to explain the sentiment, the op replied that – given the roiled scene amid a year-long drip over Bransfield's moral and fiscal turpitude – he felt Brennan might just be "in over his head."

That's one way of sizing up the scene, and no shortage of others have echoed it tonight.... Yet on the other hand, living history can recall several instances of an "old man in a hurry" with nothing to lose – above all, a Pope elected at 76, who's now brought this move to pass.

As for which one it'll be, we'll have our answer in the morning.