Sunday, August 26, 2018

From the Crisis Desk

*  *  *
Buona domenica to one and all... and, well, this is where we're at.

Lest it wasn't already clear, an already surreal two months took yet another wild turn late Saturday – and now, even as weekends aren't the best time to reach the house ops (for obvious reasons), this Sunday's still being taken up with collecting impressions and reactions; in that light, the phone ain't just hot because of its battery usage.

As previously noted, for an Italian, this is no kind of August. Still, as the significance and intensity of these days only have one equal over 13 years of Whispers (i.e. the immediate aftermath of B16's resignation and the subsequent Conclave), if there was ever a time for this work, this is it.

To be sure, there's more to come... and to keep it coming your way here, as ever, these pages can only keep at the task thanks to your support: