Sunday, July 29, 2018

Suffice it to say, folks, the last few days haven't made for the easy family downtime this scribe was hoping to have... but such is this work in what's become a defining moment.

Wrenching as it is on some levels, what's unfolding over these days is no less necessary – still, it's worth recalling that the resolution won't come thanks to any social-media truculence, but as the outcome of ecclesial discernment and process.

Far from the ongoing ideological warfare in the open, that movement is already – quietly – underway... and as the scene happens to be these pages' wheelhouse, it'd be a grace to report this moment as it deserves.

Sure, that's a nightmare of a job description for an Italian going into August. If it's going to be done, though, much as the prayers and kind words from many have been a priceless reassurance, before anything else, this shop has its bills to pay – as ever, these pages only keep coming your way by means of your support.