Friday, July 06, 2018

Well, folks, if this last week hasn't made for a full cycle – indeed, another one – few things ever will... so much for the beat grinding to a halt.

To be sure, the usual July lull will still kick in at some point – for now, though, the thing about summer weekends is that if you don't use them, you lose 'em... so here's to a bit of that for us all – and as the shop's still got bills to handle alongside some wrap-up pieces in the works, if you've been enjoying the product of these days, as ever, these pages only keep coming your way thanks to your support:

Again, all thanks to everyone who's already lent a hand – as you've seen, it helps the content. Meantime, as this scribe'll have some non-breaking news days to play with (at least, one can hope), if there's anything in particular you'd want to hear about over these next weeks, just say the word.