Friday, March 09, 2018

Lest it's gone too quickly out there as well, a blessed and Happy "Halftime" of Lent to you and yours... if only it came with a show. Still, hope it's going great all around.

Just as the name of the game in these 40 Days is keeping focused on the long haul, that's no less the case with the news in every season. Along those lines, while everything you see here is the result of a journey – a crafted product of context, discernment, institutional memory... and maybe too much else – what's currently in the pipeline has those qualities ramped up more than usual.

Please God, the next crop will be up to snuff in short order. Yet as the work comes with its share of costs and bills, the reminder's in order that keeping this shop's screens and servers up and running comes solely by means of your support:

As ever, all thanks for too much. And for now, just as this very week five years ago provided the ultimate spectacle of the difference between news and noise on this beat, suffice it to say, by no means is that unique to a Conclave....

Ergo, back to the haul.

SVILUPPO: With thanks to those who've pitched in – and for your patience, to boot – below you'll find the first part of the drop... more to come?