Saturday, December 23, 2017

He's Here! (Well, Almost)

To one and all, your loved ones and those you serve, Buon Natale, muy Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas! May all the joy, light, goodness and love born on the Holy Night be yours through these days and always. Here's to safe travels and beautiful moments all around... and especially to those among us whose Christmas is rougher this time by loneliness, loss or struggle, may you know and feel "God-with-us" especially with you, because He is.

As ever, the usual Eve bits will roll out, then the shop goes quiet for the week. For another year of the gift of this place and this crowd, no words can say enough thanks.

And lastly, a word of appreciation and good luck to all our many troopers in the trenches – musicians, decorators, ministers and all the rest – about to pull off the toughest liturgical cycle there is: the weekend Masses straight into the Eve and the Day. Even for the chaos of it all, may the experience be as graced as your effort is unsung.

Christus Natus est, venite adoremus – again, all the blessings, peace and wonder of a holy and Happy Christmas.