Sunday, October 22, 2017

News at dawn on a Sunday? Sure, why not?

For everything else flitting across your screens these days, folks, it helps to be discerning about what's genuinely important...

...and when you look at the trio of shots across the bow reported below, well, there you have it. (Just to be clear, did you think a speech referencing the death penalty was actually about the death penalty?)

Much as it's already made for quite the fortnight, there'll be more to drop over the next several weeks. Along the way, though – with the intensity of news matched as ever by the costs that come with keeping on top of it – the reminder's again in order that these pages are only made possible thanks to your support.

Yet again and always, all thanks – not just for keeping the lights on, but all the encouragement and kindness that makes the ride a joy and gift.

Still, dear Lord, what on earth could be next?