Wednesday, April 05, 2017

So, folks, 4 days til Holy Week.... Already.

Crept up quick, didn't it?

As ever, the days ahead bring what can easily be termed a full plate. Yet before one of the year's most intense cycles can be taken up, our top story instead comes from the back-office – among other highlights, this shop's utility and tech bills (internet, the phones, server costs, etc.) are due....

And without your support, that means one thing: lights out.

Long story short, that's the price of remaining independent – not owned by the metrics of advertisers, nor the whims of institutional pressures or agenda-heavy overlords.

Sure, that has its strains. But especially these days, it's worth it.

Among other bits, there's a 3,000-odd word... something in the pipeline; like all the rest here, see, it doesn't just come out of thin air. But as the priority for the moment is making sure the wiring that allows the stuff to get finished and beamed around is paid up, as always 'round here, that part is on this readership – and much like what's just on-deck, this is no time for simply sitting by....

And now, we return to the pre-Holy Week chaos already in progress – to one and all, may its every blessing be yours.