Saturday, January 07, 2017

Lest anyone missed the Big Show as it happened, here's the fullvid of Newark Cathedral's (and by extension, Northeastern Catholicism's) most surreal moment since the Pope's own turn in the Garden State – at least, his first one.

As the last piece of Whispers "Commemorative Edition" on this national watershed is still in the works – hey, the more one knows Jersey and this Church, the more all this is to process – the reminder's again in order that everything you see here is only possible thanks to your support.

In blunt terms, while the hotel for these days totaled an unusually easy $250, the $120 atop it in road-data charges to upload/beam out the video, shots and everything else (plus meals/rides) still puts a dent in the budget....

Long story short, folks, as there's more to come yet – and according expenses to duly cover it in full – this readership either helps the work, or helps to kill it:

Sure, this isn't the easiest way of paying the bills... but on this end, it just beats some Overlord stuffing this scribe's mouth with cash and looking to garner attention through clickbait.

At least if you're interested in journalism, here's hoping the difference makes some sense.

*   *   *
Along those lines, we interrupt this pitch for some (more) Breaking News....

Per house ops, Whispers can report that, come Tuesday – after an extraordinary 21-month vacancy owed to a host of (long anticipated) complicating factors and then some – the Pope (finally) intends to name the 11th Bishop of Salt Lake City, to lead a Utah church quadrupled in size over the last two decades.

As ever, more in due course... for now, though, as the Madeleine Choir under the direction of Greg Glenn remains one of American Catholicism's greatest treasures, the most important word of all is this... and may the lot of us ever live up to it:

Lord, you bless with words assuring: 'I am with you to the end.'
Faith and hope and love restoring, may we serve as you intend
And, amid the cares that claim us, hold in mind eternity.
With the Spirit's gifts empower us for the work of ministry.