Tuesday, October 18, 2016

From the "Sink or Swim" Desk

So, folks, one Election down – two to go... and a Scarlet Bowl on tap, to boot.

Even as the package for the First Ballot of these weeks took a bit to sufficiently wrap up, hopefully the result's been worth the overtime that finally saw it come together.

These days, see, coverage is a choice between speed and depth, and – especially with the month ahead – at least on this end, the better thing seems being able to look back with a sense of having done the story well enough that it stands the test of time. (Just as, nine years later, the Whispers treatment of the last "Black Conclave" still holds its own.)

Lest anyone missed it before, the shape of this Fall Cycle has already been laid out...

....and as we move into its second phase – let alone some surprises along the way – the reminder's in order that these pages keep coming your way solely by means of their readership's support.

To be sure, this is never the scribe's easiest of moments, but it is the only way this work can pay its bills – and, especially these days, Lord only knows how much remaining a truly independent outlet relying on the crowd still beats selling out.

While the latter's never an option here, such is the state of the books that shutting down remains a risk – so it seems, a sizable one... because without your part in making all this happen, it simply can't be done.

As ever, Church, the path ahead is your call:

...so, can we get back to the news yet?