Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Four days.... Two major movements....

But, folks, we're not done yet – indeed, nowhere close.

If anything, Friday's release of Amoris Letitia and this morning's appointment of the new Stateside Nuncio are merely the beginning of storylines whose fallout will continue to loom large on the scene over the next several weeks.

Between those two, another round of the usual curveballs – and a "Final Four" soon in the offing – the spring cycle ahead should make for a very full plate. As it's always been 'round here, though, keeping at the news is only possible thanks to this readership's part at keeping the shop's bills paid.

Much as this scribe likes keeping the only ad you'll ever see here at a minimum, with the usual monthly expenses currently running into the annual tax onslaught, the Whispers budget faces another mountain to get past for these pages to continue doing what they do best.

Long story short: as it's the one thing the news-side can't pull off, Church, this one's all yours....

...and now, back to it. At least, here's hoping.

Even more than usual, this should be fun... and as it awaits, God reward you real good – all thanks as always.