Thursday, April 02, 2015

"Are We Ready To Serve Like This?" – Live from Prison, The Lord's Supper

Keeping the custom he began as archbishop of Buenos Aires, below is the livefeed on-demand video of the Pope's Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, held this year with the prisoners of Rome's Rebibia detention center in the facility's "Our Father" Chapel....

On an important content note, as Francis tends to preach off the cuff at this liturgy, a homily text won't be immediately available upon delivery. (SVILUPPO 1: A full English translation of the ad-libbed homily is available via Zenit.)

SVILUPPO: The signal act of the Holy Thursday liturgy – and, in Francis' reign, a flashpoint of controversy among traditionalists given the Pope's choice to include women in the rite – below is video of the washing of the feet, which saw weeping on the part of several of the prisoners picked to take part, a group which poignantly included a detained African migrant boy in the arms of his sobbing mother....

In a tweet this morning, the Pope looked forward to the moment and called the church to follow suit: