Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Today, Who Will Know?

Today, you will know the Lord is coming, and in the morning you will see his glory.

That just might be this scribe's favorite line of the entire liturgical canon – brilliantly simple and clear, sure, but one sentence packed with a richness that, year after year on this day, you can't help but stop and try to fully take it in.

Yet again, Church, the wait is at its end – the long nights begin to lessen... and finally, the Light breaks:


To each and all of this crowd, your loved ones and those you serve, every wish for a joyous, Blessed and Merry Christmas – may all its Light, joy, peace, hope, love and goodness overflow through these days, into the New Year and always.

But as the gifts of this Holy Night are never ours alone, especially on its 30th anniversary, we'd be remiss to forget the great modern carol of these days, and its enduring call to those who've already experienced The Gift....

Christus natus est pro nobis – venite adoremus!

Christ is born for us – let us adore him, and share him with a world which still waits to know and see. Buon Natale a tutti!