Monday, August 18, 2014

No Wrap, Not Yet

SVILUPPO: An hour's exchange on topics ranging from bombing Iraq to visiting China and resigning the papacy, a full English transcript of the Pope's in-flight presser has been posted by America magazine.

A Korean Air jet for the return trip, the Volo Papale left Seoul at Midnight Eastern... keeping with Papa Bergoglio's custom, however, the last round of news from the long weekend journey has yet to hit.

The plane set to land in Rome at 5.45pm local (11.45am ET), only on wheels-down will Francis' press conference at cruising altitude emerge. On Thursday's inbound flight, the Pope promised a Q&A on the way back in what he termed "the lion's den" of the press cabin, but adding with a smile that "these lions don't bite."

After 13 hours in the air, the encounter's rollout should run more smoothly than that of the return presser from May's trip to the Holy Land, when the short flight coupled with a packed 40-minute back and forth made for a period of chaos once the plane touched down.

Everybody ready?