Monday, May 26, 2014

As an epic visit reaches its close, suffice it to say, whatta ride – and, well, it ain't done just yet....

Indeed, this Memorial Weekend has witnessed a trip that won't be forgotten anytime soon. Still, the only sane excuse for giving up the holiday is that it's one's job to do so... and on this end, it is, right?

If that's the case, then the reminder's in order that these pages come your way thanks only to one thing: this readership's support. And with some newly exciting days ahead – even before Francis spends the whole of his second summer in the saddle at the Vatican (read: no escape to Castel) – be forewarned that Rome's usual "dog days" will again be anything but.

Put bluntly, gang, the costs of the servers, technology and other expenses add up quick, to say nothing of the time and energy that goes into pulling all this together in a hopefully salient form. Ergo, much as moments like this make the experience especially sweet and a grace to keep at, just remember that, without you, it simply can't be done....

As always, all thanks for too much. Once these days are cleaned up, the donors'll have another briefing on... well, some things.