Friday, February 21, 2014

So, everybody buckled up?

Less than 24 hours to go 'til Francis' first Scarlet Bowl, the pieces are in the works and the stage is almost set.

But first, it's time again for the only commercial you'll ever see on these pages. Simply put, folks, the product here doesn't come from out of thin air... and unless this readership does its part to keep the shop running, well, it just can't run anymore.

Sure, there's a Big Weekend and beyond in the offing. As ever, though, what happens from here is less this scribe's call than yours:

The Main Event begins at 11 Rome time (1000GMT, 5am Eastern, 2 Pacific) Saturday morning. Beyond major pieces, for everything up to the minute, Page Three – either down the right sidebar or directly here – will have the running updates.

At least, that's the plan. If it's worth doing, don't just sit there and wait for the next thing – make it happen....

Because without you, it won't.