Sunday, January 12, 2014

On the Red Hat

Albeit under very different circumstances than we've known before, Church, Red Dawn has come again... and as a wild year just continues on, well, you can bet that the unpredictable will just keep coming.

Given recent months' uptick of wider interest in this beat, at least some here could seemingly use an explanation on the significance of the scarlet – and not just for the Cardinals-designate. Accordingly, here's an off-the-cuff reflection on what all this means from one of the red hat's more unique recent recipients – the subway-riding, Timbit-popping archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Cardinal Collins, who gave some thoughts on the responsibility on coming home to his boyhood parish, the hilltop Church of Our Lady in Guelph, shortly after his return from the Consistory of February 2012....

Speaking of boyhood parishes and all they've given us, for those of you who know what's been doing behind the page over these last days, thanks so much for your prayers, kindness and support. It's been one of those weeks... but so it seems, here we go again.