Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A "Joy"-ful Thanksgiving

So, folks, above you'll find what's already being described as "the manifesto" of Francis for The Church – 224 pages in book-form... whatever file-code you fancy, some 48,000 words.

If you're looking for a "primer," it's fairly simple: don't insult your intelligence – just take the time to actually read it.

For now, only two other things are worthwhile: a comment that came over the wires a couple minutes ago saying that this document was "best read on one's knees," and – in a Vatican first – a word that the English translations of the "liner notes" (the introductory statements from this morning's pub-day press conference) have been rapidly released.

Those aside, a Pope who's succeeded masterfully at making himself understood to the entire world on his own terms has no need to be exegeted through any lens other than the one he's seen fit to set.

Keeping with said principle, Roma locuta est, so that's it from here for the holiday. Happy Reading to all... in a special way, meanwhile, to everyone here in the States, safe travels for those hitting the road, and may each of you, your loved ones and those you serve know the gift of a beautiful, easy, richly blessed and wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving – not to mention this time around, an especially "joy"-ous one, to boot.