Thursday, October 31, 2013

So, folks, clearly we're off and rolling – well, trying to keep up might be more like it....

Whatever the case, as a frantic Fall continues and the agenda continues to load up, the reminder's in order that these pages keep plugging along solely through the sustenance of their readership.

Hard as it is to believe, this extraordinary year is starting to reach its close, but not without at least one more round of high drama... and, indeed, more surprises. In the short-term, the road begins in Newark with Tuesday's Welcome Mass for Archbishop Bernie Hebda... and most of all, just 10 days remain 'til lights-up in Baltimore for a Fall Classic that's even more crucial than usual – the USCCB's first business meeting since the Conclave, headlined by The Making of the President... and, with it, the message its outcome sends to the Domus.

Of course, the intent is to do the usual on-site full-bore for the whole week... but without the budget, that can only be the hope. If it – let alone anything else – is going to come your way here, gang, the "expense account" is only what you allow, and the added costs of coverage can only be taken on once the normal load of bills are put to bed.

Put bluntly, no other aspect of this work makes this scribe "eye the door" like the ledgers... and if that was the only "bottom line" which counted on this end, in all honestly, the lights would already be out.

So, Church, what happens from here? As ever, the answer's simple – your call: