Friday, July 26, 2013

Even if it's already been a memorably moving week and then some, folks, it bears reminding that the climax of this World Youth Day yet remains...

...and as the home-stretch in Rio begins, another reminder's in order: namely, that these pages keep coming your way solely by means of their readership's support.

On a programming note, once WYD Rio's in the books and Papa Francisco's back home at the Domus, the beat's traditional August slowdown will take hold in earnest... at least, for the most part. But fret not – well more than usual, September's looking to make for some fireworks show, culminating in the first formal meeting of the Pope's eight-cardinal "Star Chamber" in early October, topped off with the group's pilgrimage with Francis to Assisi on the Poverello's feast.

Beyond these days, the hope would be to keep on and cover the epic moments to come as they deserve. As ever, though, that can't happen unless the resources needed to handle the task can be counted on. 

Lest anybody forgot, it's not a call that can be made from this end of the screen, so we'll just have to see what happens.

For now, all thanks as always... and most of all, wherever you are, hope you're feeling part of and enjoying these days – especially with the Big Weekend at hand, let a thousand indulgences bloom.