Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Back In Flight

At long last, church, if you look down your right sidebar, you'll find a new and (hopefully) improved Page Three restored to its rightful place.

Whew.... Good thing the all-nighter paid off – just in time for this morning's reported votes on the requisite miracles to secure not only the canonization of John Paul II, but (in a significant surprise) of John XXIII, to boot.

As noted there, though, even if the feed's back, there are some fixes that still need to be taken care of on this side of things. Along those lines, as three weeks of talking in circles with Twitter support has become a bit maddening, if anyone out there knows somebody – indeed, anybody – who might be able to help, please send 'em this way.

On the tech-side, beyond the usual ability to scroll through the side-box, one new feature in it enables one to keep going beyond the 20 most recent bits by clicking "load more" on reaching the bottom of what's there, while another new function automatically brings up freshly-added items without the need to reload the entire page... so knowing that, knock yourselves out.

And on a final note, it's admittedly been both amusing and humbling to see the cause celebre that the feed's absence had become. I've been genuinely touched by it – not to mention grateful – because, for all these years, I honestly didn't know until now whether the time involved in finding 20 or so worthwhile stories to pull off the wires every day was a worthwhile investment. So, again, thanks for letting me know that it's been and is.

To those among us hitting the road early for the 4th, travel safe and have a blast. And for you lot staying close to home, well, we've got an encyclical – and these days, Lord knows what else – 
to roll out just ahead, so buckle up.