Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The News, As It Happens

Lest anybody forgot – or for newcomers 'round these parts – even when things aren't moving on these pages' centerpiece, you'll find the up-to-the-minute ticker either just down the right sidebar here, or directly via this link.

Even if that's already become obvious for some (hopefully most) here, the metrics and mail seem to say the reminder's in order. In any event, as some 20 stories tend to flit by daily, suffice it to say that: 1. like it or not, a movement toward the rapid succinct (with the option for a fuller treatment) is the way the medium – and, with it, the news-cycle – is going... and 2. to be well-informed these days would seem to mean wanting to keep up with the pace of things as they develop.

Accordingly, the freshest bit in the live-feed is a notable one: the just released Vatican announcement that, "in agreement" with the Pope, the disgraced Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien – who resigned as archbishop of Edinburgh and recused himself from the Conclave in late February amid reports that he instigated multiple instances of sexual misconduct with priests and seminarians over several decades – "will be leaving Scotland for several months for the purpose of spiritual renewal, prayer and penance."

For the rest, well, now you know... from here, it's just a matter of choosing to not be left out.