Wednesday, May 08, 2013

For Monz

As this bitter, brutal farewell day begins – and even the River City skies are weeping – a song for our fallen brother... and all the more, for our mother and home:

Phils fans, note the last verse...
Now the music's gone but they carry on
For their spirit's been bruised, never broken
They will not forget but their hearts are set
on tomorrow and peace once again
For what's done is done and what's won is won
and what's lost is lost and gone forever
I can only pray for a bright, brand new day
in the town I loved so well.
...and in this town Joe McFadden loved not merely so well, but with every last fiber of his being, may we know the grace to bring that prayer to life, and take up the work of repairing God's fallen, broken house in our midst. 

*   *   *

Six days after his sudden death at 65, the capital sendoff for the Tenth Bishop of Harrisburg begins at 10.30 Eastern, and will be duly televised and webstreamed (worship aid).

Granted, the thoughts of these days might not be the most understandable thing out there... but, well, when you've known someone since you were all of 9 years old (first meeting them as the then-Pharaoh's beloved Christmas trains whirred in the background...), to lose them so soon is bound to bite hard – all the more when the figure in question was one of such exemplary spirit, heart and goodness... to say nothing of the cavernous symbolic void that the Monz we've loved so well has yet again left among his own.