Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Under New Management"

So, yet again, The Apartment is open for business... and given the surprises already upon us, away we go.

Well, hopefully – as ever, folks, the road ahead isn't so much this scribe's call, but yours.

As this beat goes, only now does the "fun part" begin... when it comes to covering it, though, only to the degree that this readership does your part of the work is it possible for this scribe to do mine.

That said, a wide word of thanks for making these pages part of your experience of these epic days. To put it mildly, whatta week and whatta month... but most of all, whatta grace to have been able to share this moment with friends – both you vets who've always made this ride the joy it is, and now, the new arrivals who've joined in for all this. 

As it goes, I'm feeling pretty exhausted – and probably looking just as electrocuted – by this point. To have made it through the last 33 days in something approaching one piece is almost a miracle in itself... but, hey, what's life if you haven't got something to go all-out for?

It's been a ball, gang... still, whew. And now, here we go again.