Saturday, March 30, 2013

On Holy Saturday, "Don't Lose Hope!"

The following is a translation of the Pope's parting word from his Holy Thursday Mass and visit at Rome's Casal del Marmo youth detention facility....
I thank the [Justice] Minister for her words, the authorities for their greeting, and I thank you, boys and girls, for welcoming me today: I'm happy to be with you. Go forward [avanti], eh? And don't let yourselves be robbed of hope, don't let yourselves lose hope! You understand? With hope always, let's go forward! Thank you.

[At this point, a young man in the crowd said: "Thank you for coming today, Father. But I want to know one thing: why did you come here to Casal del Marmo today? That's all."

[Francis replied:] It's something that came from my heart; I just felt it. Where are those who perhaps could help me more to be humble, to be a servant as a bishop must be. So I thought, I asked: "Where are people who might like a visit?" And they told me, "Casal del Marmo, maybe." And since they said it, here I came. But it really just came from my heart. The things of the heart can't be explained, they just come. Thanks, eh!

I need to say goodbye now. Thank you so much for your welcome. Pray for me and don't lose hope. Always go forward! Thanks a lot!