Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Even as we enter these most sacred of days, folks, lest anyone forgot, the reminder's in order that these pages only keep plugging along by means of their readership's – that is, your – support....

To be sure, Holy Week is normally a "breather" period around here... but, well – much as this scribe can use it after these last six weeks – that can't be the case this time. That said, given the scene, the less energy and brain-space that's needed to fret over the bills and costs that come with this work tends to make for a better product where it counts.

Indeed, there's more in the pipeline that'll hopefully see the light of print in due course – like the sustainability of this shop, it just needs more work. Most of all, though, may each and all of us know and share the best of what this Week is, what it asks of us, and the grace and fulfillment that come from truly making it Holy.

Again, to one and all, every blessing and gift of these days to you and yours.