Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Calm Before....

Much as everybody's beyond curious these days, for now, the case remains that nessuno sa – that is, nobody knows.

With B16 & Co. still on Lenten retreat, meanwhile, this is the "quiet" period before early Sunday, at which point – under circumstances without precedent in the modern age – the church is thrust headlong into the End of a Pontificate.

For everything as it happens, stay tuned – and between pieces, as always, your Page Three (found here or just down the right sidebar) is keeping a wire-feed of things. 

While we still can, though, try to get some rest... because much as the line's often used, this time it's actually true: the moments of this week to come will be unlike anything any of us have ever seen.

And even that's only the start of an incredible month.

Indeed, gang, buckle up... but in a special way amid these momentous 40 Days, let us pray – for the church and our own renewal in this time... for the cardinals soon to face the most difficult and frightening decision of their lives... for the Pope we're still blessed to have for another week – and most of all, whoever he may be, for The One soon to emerge in our midst.