Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Born Is The King

The 25th day of December, the eleventh of the Moon:

Countless centuries past from the creation of the world,
when, in the beginning,
God created the heavens and the earth
and formed man in his own image;

Likewise many ages since after the Flood,
when the Most High extended the rainbow across the heavens
as the sign of his Covenant and of peace;

In the 21st century since the migration of Abraham, our father in faith,
from Ur of the Chaldeans;
the 13th century after the exodus of Israel from Egypt, led by Moses,
roughly a millennium from the anointing of David as King;

In the 65th week, as prophesied by Daniel,
the 194th Olympiad,
the 752nd year of the foundation of the City of Rome,
the 42nd year of the reign of Caesar Octavian Augustus,
the whole world being at peace:

Eternal God,
Eternal Son of the Father,
seeking to consecrate the world by coming into it;
conceived by the Holy Spirit,
nine months having passed since his conception,
in Bethlehem of Judea
was born of the Virgin Mary
and became man.

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh.

*    *    *
And with that sung, a simple word for this Holy Night and the days beyond:

To one and all, your loved ones and all those you serve, every wish for a joyous, blessed and Happy Christmas, and all its light, peace and new life on this Day and always. 

To no end, folks, thanks for making these pages part of your days – and especially in this hardest of years, for all your goodness, friendship, prayers and encouragement, which mean the world more than this scribe could ever sufficiently express. Know how much you're all especially in my prayers and heart on this Holy Night and over these days to come.

*   *   *
Lest we be remiss, a couple house favorites for the occasion....



On a housekeeping note, meanwhile, in the hope of enjoying some much-needed downtime with the clan and the rest, the shop will be on hiatus until after New Year's. Especially where it's needed most, may all of us know new life from the gift of beautiful moments and the closeness of those we love over the Octave and Season ahead.

For now, this Christmas' Last Word can only come from one place – the beloved, heroic voice who, over 26 years, likely narrated this Night to more souls than any other since the Evangelists themselves....

Buon Natale a tutti – to one and all, again, a beautiful, blessed and Merry Christmas!