Friday, November 02, 2012

Two Months' Mind....

Before we go any further – especially given today's observance – much as it's always hard to figure out where the time goes 'round these parts, that's especially been the case of late.

Along those lines, it simply feels surreal that this All Souls' Day makes eleven weeks since The Boss went home, two months since word went out here... and all the while, it's been a road that's felt like an eternity and a blur all at once – admittedly, though, more the latter. 

But enough about this one. 

Most of all, given the flood of kindness that's come in practically every day since – carrying an incredible amount of prayers, Masses, comfort, strength and encouragement – to each and all among this crowd who've sent a sweet word or quietly beamed one up over these weeks, I owe a too-belated, even-more-heartfelt, still-overwhelmed Thank You, both mine and on behalf of my family (all 115 or so of us... all born of an orphan whose faith was her guiding star). To put it simply, God reward you for taking the time and care to be so good, and for keeping it up this far along the way. 

Much as this scribe has been seeking to keep things as "business as usual" as possible, as some will hopefully understand, behind the scenes the rhythm of things remains very new, and just to be coherent about it – and, probably to a degree, in general – is clearly a work in progress. It was one thing to try and tell the story before "reality" fully set in... as it's still setting in, though, amid these days dedicated to the Four Last Things, and with her birthday at mid-month, then Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holidays, you can probably imagine that these weeks especially take on a whole new, much more intense feel this year, so be advised of potential slowdowns in the flow of things when there's turbulence in the adjustment. 

(On the flip-side, meanwhile, as coverage of a Certain Meeting begins on-site in eight days' time, be assured that nothing will distract from that. Even with a relatively "light" agenda, see, the Fall Classic always makes for a raucous, 19-hour-a-day madhouse... and that's precisely why, for this shop, it's always "the most wonderful time of the year." And given this year, well, it comes as an even greater gift.)

*    *    *
Tough as the days have run, I'd be remiss to not add that they've had their way of being beautiful, too – at least, as much as they ever could've been. Sure enough, though, that hasn't been the gift of the clan, but this readership. 

Thanks to so many of you and the notes you've sent, I've probably been given more prompting from outside to think of my grandmother than any other among her own. Not that I need any reminding... still, I can't help but think how that's exactly what she would want. Because every time, I can almost hear the "broke English" again, saying as she would, "You really think I let you forget me?" 

Needless to say, how could I ever? But eleven weeks later, that these words still come day after day is something I can only take as proof positive of the promise she made me in preparation for this: "Rocky, I always be with you... I always be right there." So when you mention her, just remember that you don't simply speak for yourself – you bring her back to me. And for that grace, I could never say enough thanks.

Over these days, as a church and the "living stones" who form it, we remember the loved ones who've gone before us – the saints we've each known who given us life, and the many in need of the same mercy that, for most of us, will be our only hope when our moment comes. 

Whatever the side, in time, we will join them and see them again... but in the meanwhile, above all in these days, may you feel each them close by, just as you've given me the gift of feeling mine right here.

God love you lot forever – again, all thanks for such amazing goodness through the bumps... and especially where it's needed most, may you and yours know every good thing in these days and always.