Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Sandy's Wake

First, and most importantly: everybody OK out there?

Much as the storm still seems to be wreaking havoc inland, all's kept fairly clear on this end – the office is dry, power and 'net blessedly stayed up, and the sum total of "damage" appears to be a lot of leaves outside, with a few twigs.

Clearly, broad swaths of the landscape haven't been that lucky; the shot above comes from the northern tip of our clan's beloved Shore town, where those houses are supposed to overlook the water. (For the River City expats out there, you'll understand well that the development which caused the greatest panic 'round these parts yesterday was when a good many Wawas were temporarily shut down.) Elsewhere, the usual morning numbers here appear to be down by about a quarter, likely due to the power outages said to be affecting some 7 million here in the Northeast.

Bottom line: keep safe, folks – just hang in there and don't go anywhere you don't urgently need to.

More soon, but in the meanwhile, should any ecclesial entity in the impacted zone need to get messages out and circulated quickly, this space is yours, so just send word.

PHOTO: Dale Gerhard/Atlantic City Press