Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Body of Christ... and The Body of Christ

As the great tradition associated with this feast tends to be observed these days more in the breach than the observance, lest anyone could use it on this Corpus Christi Sunday, here's a taste of a Eucharistic procession in the growing Indian church -- from Shillong in the country's northeast....

Yet procession or not, regardless of where we find ourselves, it bears remembering that the exhortation of Augustine -- given a millennium before this feast was instituted -- still applies equally all around:

"Behold what you are: become what you receive."

And in a time when the bruises and brokenness of this Body are painfully clear -- and, all too often, inflicted by one of its parts on another -- may the lot of us know the grace to live those words a little better tomorrow than we did yesterday.

"Behold what you are: become what you receive." And to all the rest who comprise That, church, a blessed and beautiful Sunday.