Wednesday, May 30, 2012

At Indy 500, The Roar of The Amens

In what's become an annual tradition at the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing" -- albeit one not shown on TV -- from the stands at the Brickyard, here's the invocation given before the green flag (and a crowd of some 400,000) at Sunday's Indianapolis 500 by the apostolic administrator of the vacant Hoosier church: the blogging, tweeting, self-described "stah," Bishop Chris Coyne....

Coincidentally, today's General Audience saw the Pope touch on the use of "Amen" as the ultimate expression of one's "yes" to God.

That said, which moment took the cake for the Boston native's day at the races remains an open question: the prayer... or the encounter with Guy Fieri.

With Denver and Baltimore now filled, the 250,000-member Indy church -- vacated on last September's early retirement of Archbishop Daniel Buechlein OSB -- is the last of the three historically influential US metropolitan posts opened toward the end of 2011 which remains to receive its next occupant.