Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As the new fire never gets old, every joy, grace and light of Easter to you and yours -- hope the good stuff's spilling into your Octave and runs all through these 50 days ahead.

The usual feed will be back after the Opening Eight. But for now, from the Culture File, perhaps the gold standard of Paschal Proclamations: this year's edition of the Brindellone -- the traditional "exploding cart" ignited outside Florence's Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore following the Easter Day Mass (gratz, G, for sending it along).

Dating to 1096, the spectacle is launched from inside the cathedral, as the city's archbishop lights a fuse attached to a fake dove with the Easter fire, and the prop flies out the doors to ignite the fireworks.

In other words, it's better just to watch:

And, well, may the blessings and new life of your Easter be just as explosive, especially for those among us who seek them most.