Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thought for the Day

Sure, the Scarlet Bowl might've taken place a month back... but, per usual 'round here, the Timbits just keep rolling in.

This time, however, it's not from The Tim.

As a preface goes, the following is quite possibly the first time the wider world has seen a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church juggling a Kindle, Blackberry, and his Breviary in an iPod touch, all at once.

Odds are a good few Romans could still use lessons on each. For those of us who know him, though, it's all just Tom Collins being his priceless, earthy self.

Long a firm believer in the church's engagement of new technologies, yet keenly aware of their limits and temptations, Toronto's Subway-riding, Hortons-friendly neo-Porporato spent an hour taking viewer questions the other day on a local TV station, one of which spoke to both sides of the digital coin, whether in the church or the world beyond.

Ergo, as Passiontide dawns and another Lent's "two-minute warning" begins to sound, it seems especially worthwhile to keep this in mind, above all over these days just ahead....

As ever, buona domenica a tutti... and with all of 10 Days left 'til the Triduum, well, church, here we go.....