Sunday, February 12, 2012

Next Course: Red Hats

And so, as one intense week ends and another begins, here goes yet another gear-shift.

A cycle that began with condolences before winding through contraception now veers headlong into a consistory.

B16's elevation of 22 new cardinals -- or, depending on the legalities, 21 -- Scarlet Bowl IV is all of six days away... and with the marquee designate of this intake having arrived in Rome this morning, even if the gathering's formal business doesn't begin 'til Friday (and the city is digging out from its second major snowstorm of the last 25 years within a fortnight), it seems safe to say the festivities are already underway in earnest.

Speaking of double whoppers, though, in light of the curveballs already taken of late, forgive a quick breather in the hope of getting the job done right in the moment. Yet to kick things off in the meantime -- at least, for the veterans 'round here -- you know it, you love it... and it's admittedly more emotional to run now than it was before these days just past:

Buona domenica to one and all... and soon enough, away we go.