Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So, folks, suffice it to say that last Friday's Double-Bomb has proven itself a bit tougher to bounce back from than expected -- at least, if the shop's going to keep up to snuff....

Then again, when the least notable major stories in a 48-hour period are Rome's appointment of the next head of a roiled, million-member diocese and an American bishop's unprecedented admission to having fathered children, perhaps that's bound to be the case.

The needed catch-up sleep now blessedly in the can, everything's up and running again. Yet as the product doesn't exactly come out of thin air, you'll find it when it's good to go, with the quality you've hopefully come to expect from these pages over time.

For now, all thanks for your patience, prayers, encouragement, support and every good thing. And soon enough, as ever, here goes nothin'....