Friday, January 06, 2012

Good morning from Chaos, and above all, a Happy Red Dawn to you and yours.

More Consistory coverage to come... and Lord knows we haven't even gotten to this River City's impending announcement of major school closings yet.

For now, though -- at the end of what was supposed to be another planned week off that got turned on its head -- just another needed reminder that these pages keep coming your way solely by means of reader support. And now having a very strong wish to make the trip for next month's events, as ever, folks, it's your call....

On a personal note, if nothing else, the button's going up for sentimental reasons today.

Once upon a time -- well before The Blanket Ban was put into place -- a prelate pitched in to lend a helping hand.... And this morning, at long blessed last, he made a far more eminent list. And on a level much deeper than you see here everyday, I just have a really strong desire to head over to honor and give thanks for that friendship. If only those pesky bills didn't get in the way.

Indeed, gang, it's a very moving and meaningful day for the shop, and it's a gift to be able to see all this unfold. At least, the first part -- this Friday's other Big List will just be tough and painful all around, however needed it is.

All thanks as ever for keeping it here and all your goodness, encouragement and support... and now, back to the mines.