Friday, December 02, 2011

Diez Noches Más

In ten nights' time -- while, per usual, the chattering classes sleep -- the Stateside church will rock anew with its most powerful and widespread evidence of hope, life... and, indeed, the greatest revolution we've known in nearly two centuries....

...and this year, among other firsts, even the Pope's in on the party.

More than any other -- at least, for those who don't willfully ignore it -- these days to come merely serve to amplify the dominant ecclesial reality of our age: que ahora, hoy, una mayoridad de esta Iglesia en los Estados Unidos -- including some three-fifths of American Catholics younger than 30 -- habla con esta voz.

And so, church, as American Catholicism undergoes its most staggering demographic shift since the 1840s, welcome to the week that shows us our road ahead more and better than any other. Ergo, as this faith's future on these shores returns ever more into the hands of its first founders, let another banner year of the Reconquista Parade begin....

Virgencita de Guadalupe -- Madre de America, Estrella de la Nueva Evangelización, Esperanza de esta Iglesia en este país -- ¡ruega por nosotros!