Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sendoff to Sendoff

As few likely need reminding, today marks 48 years since the 35th President of these United States -- the first and lone member of this fold to hold the office -- was felled by an assassin's bullet.

Of course, this year's JFK anniversary brings a notable confluence following the late September death at 98 of President Kennedy's close friend and eventual eulogist, the future Archbishop Philip Hannan of New Orleans, who would go on to become a legend in his own right over the half-century since.

Ergo, to fittingly observe the day this time around, here's a re-air video of the climactic tribute given by the then-auxiliary of Washington at the close of the Requiem Mass in St Matthew's Cathedral on 25 November 1963...

...and, at the close of a monumental week of public mourning that saw much of the Crescent City grind to a halt in homage, here, the eulogist's eulogy -- the memorable last word from Hannan's 6 October funeral in NOLA's Cathedral-Basilica of St Louis, given by his third successor and longtime protege, Archbishop Gregory Aymond:

Lest anyone forgot, this month dedicated to the Holy Souls is still very much upon us... so before it fades, may we use these days as best we can.