Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ready or Not, Here It Comes

So, church, the moment is upon us...

...and to those who need the reminder right now: just breathe. Relax. Try not to freak out.

Within 100 hours' time, the Anglophone world will have met its new Missal -- the most sweeping liturgical change to hit a broad swath of global Catholicism since the translation leaving force was introduced in 1973.

After a brief Thanksgiving break, these pages will be at full tilt through Implementation Weekend, taking reports from all over the place -- because with this crowd, odds are that they won't exactly be in short supply... and that's exactly the way we like it, no?

In the meanwhile, it's important to remember that, however massive the rivers of ink that've been spilled over the new books these days, whatever one's reaction from either side of the "Worship Wars," it's fairly fitting to the scene that how it'll all turn out come Mass-time is, indeed, a mystery.

That said, for those among us in parish ministry -- lay or ordained -- pray tell: how's the final run-up looking on your end? If you get a shot these next couple days, feel free to drop a line with your impressions, expectations and what you'll be looking out for to gauge things among your people come Saturday night and Sunday; put mildly, it'll be interesting to see how the predictions match up once the reality of it all hits. As ever, all thanks in advance.

100 Hours left or thereabout... and so, time to buckle up. Lord knows, however this weekend goes down, it's one we'll all remember for a very, very long time.

Whether in service or the seats, folks, blessings on your final preps toward the full rollout. More on Thanksgiving in a bit -- for now, though, lest anyone's hitting the road early, every joy and good thing to you and yours over the holiday. Have a blast and travel safe!