Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For the Mass-Feed, All Thanks

On a quick programming note, after some 230-odd comments, the vox pop on the new Missal's Opening Day is now closed.

To everyone who took a couple minutes to send in your impressions these last few days, a ton of heartfelt thanks -- first, for the thoughtful, honest, often moving impressions you brought to the table, and in general for allowing the rest of us a glimpse into things where you're at. Suffice it to say, a pretty fascinating picture came together from far and wide over the course of the thread, and it was a great service to the wider conversation.

Of course, this won't be the last bit of news or reaction on the new book -- Christmas should be even more colorful than usual, not to mention every last wedding and funeral for the forseeable future. From here, though, shirking the natural tendency to go on "autopilot" and ensuring a sense of consistency and comfort with the texts loom large as continuing challenges on the path ahead. And as it runs along, feel free to send any new impressions you've got or previously unnoticed angles that pop up over time.

That said, as the recent convergence of stories was enough to make for quite a brain-fry -- not to mention taking up most of Thanksgiving Weekend -- the pipeline is chugging along, but please just be patient... it'll be worth the wait.

Above all, much as the warring camps of Liturgy World have already moved on to their next full-out brawl, let's not forget that Advent's upon us... and as this year's calendar provides for a full four weeks of prep -- the season's longest-possible complement -- hopefully we'll all be able to make the most of it.

Again, church, all the blessings and riches of this graced season to you and yours.