Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day Two, In Advance

Reflecting what -- at least, for the wider audience -- is likely to be this Tuesday's most keenly-watched Agenda Item at the US bishops' Fall Plenary, let the words that Blessed John Henry Newman "placed on the lips of the choirs of angels in heaven" ring out...


With several Anglican groups already received into full communion on these shores, Cardinal Donald Wuerl is slated to give the most definitive update yet on the Stateside implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus at around 2pm Eastern today.

While several sources appraised of the project's progress have urged paying "very, very close attention" to the contents of the DC cardinal/CDF delegate's report, late word from one op tips the erection of an Ordinariate for these shores' traveling groups to finally take place "at the cusp" of the New Year.

Shortly after its start, a US jurisdiction for former Episcopalians in the Catholic fold is expected to number around 2,000 faithful and some 100 clergy, with even more currently "biding their time" likely to come in a second wave once the Ordinariate is up and running.

At the same time, however, the Mothership guard is more focused on today's announcement of the national church's impending priorities for the coming several years, religious liberty and the New Evangelization said to be figuring heavily into the coming mix. And for the many (read: pro multis) focused above all on the Mother of All 800lb. Gorillas, 11 days until its North American implementation, a "discussion" on the new rendering of the Roman Missal is likewise scheduled. Both will likewise take place in the afternoon session.

Business aside, as ever, thanks to one and all for reading and your support. Speaking of which, while a great amount of headway's gratefully been made toward the bills both for this week and all the rest back home, as there's still a ways to go, the reminder remains in order of how these pages keep afloat....

Say what you will, gang -- it's either this or the shop folds. Especially given the changed circumstances on the homefront, suffice it to say, the slope has become all the steeper, and amid it all, the choice of keeping these pages going is far less the call of this scribe than that of the readership.

As this Plenary's agenda goes, the morning sessions will be abbreviated due to regional meetings that take up half the day before lunch. Ergo, the text-feed will go live later, once things heat up as laid out above.

Again, to one and all, greetings from the traveling Mothership... or as close to the conference hotel as this scribe can afford to stay.

As ever, more here and on Page Three as it all unfolds.