Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Indy, Vacant

So the shop's told, Stateside church, we've entered into generational territory this morning: for the first time since 1993, three archdioceses on these shores stand vacant without provision of successors.

As first reported here yesterday (initially via Page Three), at Roman Noon today, Pope Benedict has accepted the health-induced early retirement of Archbishop Daniel Buechlein of Indianapolis... and pending the arrival of the Hoosier State's sixth metropolitan, the Wild Man -- global Catholicism's first blogging priest to be elevated to the episcopacy -- stands in charge of the 230,000-member Midwestern fold.

Wekkid... and in just eight months' time, a long, long way from Westwood, Mass.

Talk about your baptisms by fire.

As previously noted on these pages, the timeframe for more recent diocesan openings in the US will likely extend beyond their normal duration due to the ongoing lack of an Apostolic Nuncio in Washington. While the appointment of Archbishop Pietro Sambi's successor has been widely foreseen for month's end, a replacement's arrival won't likely take place until early November at the earliest, and only then does his arduous work of learning the turf begin.....

As ever, more as it comes in.

PHOTO: Ss. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Indianapolis