Friday, September 09, 2011

Fidelity Begins At Home, everything OK, Boss?

To be sure, the header atop these words carries multiple meanings and resonances. Still, if there's one nutshell takeaway from the vision that was Installation Day in Philadelphia, there you have it.

As ever, gang, much more could be said... in all honesty, though, Archbishop isn't the only one on his new turf who could use this day after to take it easy and reflect on what just began for us.

Ergo -- especially for anyone who didn't get to take in the sumptuous music and uplifting feel the first time, or simply would enjoy another look at how it all panned out -- here's the fullvid of a Launch Mass that, like almost no other in recent memory, marked the beginning of a dramatically new era for a local church on these shores... and, at long blessed last 'round these parts, opened the door to a long-awaited future full of hope....

To our friends at CatholicTV, a world of thanks for rushing this out.

PHOTO: David Maialetti/Philadelphia Daily News