Monday, July 18, 2011

Veni, Creator....

OK, gang, so -- despite trying to keep it down as long as possible out of deference to the ways of things -- the news is out.

For what it's worth, keeping lid since Friday night was no mean task.

Now, though, the work is just beginning... and it won't be the archbishop's alone. In reality, anything but.

For the rest of us here on the ground, though, we need to let this new beginning get off to the best possible start.

In that spirit, Phils fans, locals -- and anyone else out there who wishes to join in -- here's an idea: as we approach what's looking to be on-deck, it seems particularly fitting to the moment to spend these next hours in prayer and fasting for our Ninth Archbishop, for the success of his ministry among us, for the gifts of healing, hope, unity and reconciliation in our midst... and above all, to implore from God the blessing of a new Pentecost for this church of Philadelphia, our mother and home:


Thanks be to God for his goodness to us. Truly, we are blessed beyond words.

That said, for now, silence....