Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Running A Supertanker," Eastern Edition

Suffice it to say, gang, on a break from a morning of live TV, getting to see the sun's first beams hit the Big House could well have made for the Moment of the Day... even more than getting to see this scribe's onetime driver done good -- and, for good measure, trigger a couple magnitude-7 earthquakes in the room thanks to his money quotes.

Roundup to come... in the meanwhile, though, one observation to start: not all that long ago, such was the scene 'round here that The Great D'Addezio's latest multi-tiered, budget-defying spectacle made for the most anticipated, guess-inducing element of diocesan events.

Now, that'll come with something far more pedestrian -- namely, when the Boss rises to speak.

Here below, the rollout in full: