Friday, July 22, 2011

Nunciature: For Sambi, "Sacrifices and Prayers"

In the wake of this morning's advance word, the following late-day statement is making the rounds from 3339 Massachusetts Avenue NW -- that is, the Apostolic Nunciature to these United States:
The Most Reverend Pietro Sambi, Apostolic Nuncio, underwent a delicate lung surgery two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, there have been post-surgery complications. Currently he has been placed on assisted ventilation to attempt recovery of his lung function.

The Apostolic Nunciature and the Nuncio’s family kindly ask that Bishops, priests, religious, and lay faithful offer sacrifices and prayers for the health of the Apostolic Nuncio.
In one of his innumerably memorable and colorful moments on these shores, the "Super-Nuncio" once cracked -- as always, loudly so -- that, even before they pray, there's something far lesser that a good chunk of the Stateside church begins its days with.

Along those lines, let us all spend these hours lifting up a good, faithful friend -- someone who's been an instrument of tremendous grace among the lot of us.

* * *
For good measure, two more of the "greatest hits" of our "man from Jerusalem" -- first, Sambi's powerful message from last fall's San Antonio installation of Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller....

...and in his last appearance in a local church on these shores, the "Super-Nuncio"'s remarks at the Holy Week ordination of Altoona-Johnstown's Bishop Mark Bartchak, the well-regarded past president of the Canon Law Society of America: