Monday, July 18, 2011

And so, friends -- at the dawn of what's tipped to be an epochal week for this River City church -- before all else, let this town's own beloved heroic instrument ring out a fitting Entrance Hymn...

...still, as our next Shepherd isn't (by his own admission) exactly a guy of high-classical taste, something well more up his alley seems to be in order.

Something, that is, along these lines:

And now, back to preparing the rollout piece for what's set to be the most revolutionary shift of leadership this place has known in at least a century.

In one sense, Phils fans, this is a return to our roots... in another, it's a reflection of the best gifts our own have given to the wider church...

...yet above all, it marks the beginning of a very new, very different era from the way things have long been 'round here.

God love you lot forever and may the Lord give you peace... especially to you, buddy -- thanks to the heavens for your "yes" to us, and welcome home. Can't wait to start showing you around the most wonderful place in the world.

For all the rest, gang, as always, stay tuned.

SVILUPPO: Now it can be told -- at Roman Noon tomorrow, Pope Benedict is expected to name Charles Joseph Chaput, the 66 year-old Franciscan Capuchin and New York Times best-selling author who's served as archbishop of Denver since 1997, as the Ninth Archbishop of Philadelphia.